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iMalta How To Use

The Arrigo Group specializes in providing everything you need to travel and enjoy your world. In order to better assist you in getting the most from your Malta excursion they have developed iMalta. IMalta is a brilliant app for your mobile device that will give you everything you could possibly need to know about the area, destinations and accommodations to better enjoy your trip.

There is no other app anywhere, at any price, that gives you the detailed information, content and features that iMalta does, and it does it all with an easy to use interface that is user friendly and offers superb graphic quality. Along with the everyday necessities of travel such as pointing out local restaurants, hotels and places to see you also get special offers and news on special events delivered directly to your smart phone.

Best of all, you get all of this fantastic detail and helpful information absolutely FREE.

Where can I get iMalta?

Find iMalta at the Arrigo Group website or on your iPhone or Android marketplace.

Is iMalta free?

Yes, this awesome app is completely free and available for iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Do I need an internet connection to use iMalta?

No. You can access iMalta even when you're not near a WIFI hotspot, although maps and GPS do require a WIFI connection.

Can I contact establishments found on iMalta?

Absolutely. You can get in touch with restaurants, hotels, shops and other tourist locations at the touch of a button. Call, email and even make reservations directly from iMalta.

Can I find out about special offers through iMalta?

You will get timely information on events of interest and special offers sent right to your phone.

Will I be able to use maps?

Yes, one of the many wonderful features of iMalta is that you can use it to find any location on local maps. You will need to have an internet connection in order to use the map feature.

Is iMalta available for my iPhone or Android phone?

Yes, iMalta is free and readily available for both iPhone and Android devices.